What we do?

Our approach is based on a 3 steps methodology, from the measure of ecoresponsability of an existing website to the labellization. We apply this methodological approach by keeping in mind an efficient mix of the will to make the website ecoresponsible and the companies stakes.

Environmental performances diag

  • Audit:

    An audit based on the combination of 2 different measures: the energy performance and environmental impact. A complete analysis of all the different website or mobile app sections is done. This analysis is done by measuring the energy consumption on load but also while the website is being used or when interactions with the back-office happens.
  • Analysis and recommandation:

    Analysis of the impact of each elements composing the website (design, content, coding, hosting) on the energy and environmental impact. Following the analysis of all these collected datas, we establish a list of recommandations mapped using 2 variables: task complexity index vs potential profit in ecoresponsibility.
  • Validation of the perimeter:

    Arbitration on the redesign perimeter by taking into account the degree of ecoresponsibility to be applied vs. the company challenges. Once the perimeter has been defined, we formalize the specifications that will serve as a reference document in the context of the application of the validated recommendations.
  • _ Audit and performance analysis
  • _ Recommendations
  • _ Specifications


  • Ecodesign or retroconception of websites and mobile apps:

    We code or optimize every section of the website or app in terms of design, content, code and hosting.
  • Measure the benefits gained on environmental performance:

    Be it for a website creation or redesign, we measure the reductions of Co2 emissions, water consumption and energy consumption.

    In the context of a website creation, these measures serve to establish a basis of grades used as a referential for the internal teams.

    In the context of a website redesign, their aim is to measure the gain of ecoresponsibility obtained.
  • _ Ecodesign websites and apps
  • _ Retroconception websites and apps
  • _ Measure of gains and performances


  • Passing the Green Code Label certification:

    Following these ecodesign actions, we prepare each elements to support you to pass the labellization. 100% of our websites to this day have been certified.

    This label is of course independent , to garantee it's authenticity.
  • Follow-up and support of internal teams to maintain the label:

    Every efforts done must ensure that it lasts, that is why we can supports internal staffs (coders, designers, webmasters) in the evolutions of the website or the mobile app in order to take into account beforehand the notion of ecoresponsibility in the evolutions they will go through.
  • _ Passing Green Code Label certification
  • _ Follow-up and support of teams to maintain the labellization

Staff awareness and training

  • Customized support:

    Ecodesign starts when first ideas are generated, it is prepared upstream and is integrated throughout the project. This is why we can support the teams on various progress stages and according to the established constraints in order to ensure a degree of commitment and performance results closest to your needs and the reality of the project.
  • Team training:

    Because it is important to embark the teams on common bases, we train your teams in digital ecodesign by providing them concrete solutions and alternatives to improve the energy efficiency and environmental performance of your websites and apps according to standards of the web and the evolution of technologies.
  • Conferences:

    Our mission is also to clarify the environmental impact of digital technology and share our vision of a more sustainable and resilient digital, that is why we organize customized conferences adapted to your needs and your audience with the aim of making groups aware of the environmental issues of new technologies.
  • _ Tailor-made support
  • _ Staff training

Our projects

BUG Agency
Website performances:
_ Minus 450g/year of CO2 in average per visit.
_ Minus 30% CO2 emissions on the most visited page.
_ Green Code Label Gold

Website performances:
_ 1.99g CO2 emissions for the homepage.
_ 2.98cl waterprint for the homepage.

Website performances:
_ 1.1g CO2 emissions for the homepage.
_ 1.95cl waterprint for the homepage.
_ Green Code Label Gold

It is rated A by Eco-Index | emit 1.43g CO2 | consume 2.15cl of water | uses 261 ko of bandwith
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