What we do?

Our approach is based on a 3-step methodology, from measuring the level of eco-responsibility of an existing website to labeling. We apply this systematic approach keeping in mind to build an effective mix between the desire to make the website eco-responsible and the challenges of the company.

Measurement and analysis
of the digital carbon footprint

  • Survey:

    The survey is based on the combination of 2 different measures: energy performance and environmental impact. A complete analysis is carried out on all the elements that make up a website or a mobile application. This analysis is carried out by measuring energy consumption during loading but also when the site is not in use or when interactions with the back office present itself.
  • Analysis and recommendations:

    Analysis of the impact of each element of the site (design, content, code and hosting) on the energy and environmental impact. Following the analysis of all these collected data, we establish a list of recommendations which are mapped according to 2 variables: index of complexity of the task vs the potential gain in eco-responsibility.
  • Validation of the quest:

    Determination on the assignment of the redesign, taking into account the degree of eco-responsibility to be applied vs. the challenges of the company. Once the goal has been defined, we formalize the specifications which will serve as a reference document in the context of the application of the validated recommendations.
  • _ Survey and analysis of perfomances
  • _ Recommendations
  • _ Scope Statement

Digital eco-design

  • Eco-design or reverse design of websites and mobile applications :

    We develop or optimize all elements of the site or application in terms of design, content, code and hosting.
  • Measurement of the benefits obtained on environmental performance :

    Whether as part of a site creation or a redesign, we measure the reductions obtained in CO2 emissions, water consumption and energy consumption.

    As part of a site creation, they are used to establish a base of notes that will serve as a reference for internal teams.

    As part of a site redesign, they also aim to measure the eco-responsibility gain obtained.
  • _ Eco-design websites and applications
  • _ Reverse engineering of sites and applications
  • _ Measurement of performance achievements


  • Switching to the Green Code Label:

    Following these ecodesign actions, we are preparing all the elements to best support you in the transition to labeling. 100% of our developed sites have so far obtained the label.

    This labeling is obviously independent, in order to guarantee its credibility.
  • Monitoring and supporting the teams in order to maintain the labeling:

    All the efforts made must take place over time, which is why we can support the internal teams (developers, designers or webmasters) in the evolutions of the website or the mobile application so that they take into account upstream the concept of eco-responsibility in the changes they must make.
  • _ Passage of The Green Code Label
  • _ Monitoring and supporting the teams in order to maintain the labeling

Awareness and training

  • Tailor-made support:

    Ecodesign begins with the first generation of ideas, is prepared upstream and is integrated throughout the project. This is why we can support the teams on various stages of progress and according to the established constraints in order to ensure a degree of commitment and performance results closest to your needs and the reality of the project.
  • Team training:

    Because it is important to embark the teams on common bases, we train your teams in digital ecodesign by providing them concrete solutions and alternatives to improve the energy efficiency and environmental performance of your sites and applications according to standards of the web and the evolution of technologies.
  • Conferences:

    Our mission is also to clarify the environmental impact of digital technology and share our vision of a more sustainable and resilient digital technology, it is for this purpose that we organize tailor-made conferences adapted to your needs and your audience with the aim of make groups aware of the environmental issues of new technologies.
  • _ Tailor-made support
  • _ Team building

Our Achievements

BUG Agency
Website's performances:
_ Less than 450g of CO2 emitted each year per visit.
_ 30% less CO2 emitted on the most visited page.
_ Green Code Label Gold

Website's performances:
_ 1,99g of CO2 emitted on the homepage.
_ 2,98cl of water footprint on the homepage.

Website's performances:
_ 1,1g of CO2 emitted on the homepage.
_ 1,95cl of water footprint on the homepage.
_ Green Code Label Gold

This page emits:
1.5 g of CO2