Eco-responsible website:
how to design and develop
a green website:

Our challenge ? Design and develop low-carbon websites, by tackling their energy depletion, their CO2 emissions and their water consumption by applying those standards on other aspects of digital communication (social networks, media campaign...) Our offer to eco-design your website →

Why should we act on CO2 emissions
of digital media?

In a context of climate crisis, it's important to question our consumption of digital services and of the methods we use to design on the Internet, to finally bring up environmental concerns regarding creative and technological issues.

the digital sector is:

🌏 The 1st electricity consumer
in the world by 2030.
The 7th continent in terms of
energy consumption.
💭 A 8 % growth
of CO2 emissions deach year.
💻 5x more data every 5 years.

How to reduce
our digital impact?

Faced with this ecological emergency, we are now brought to change our ways of designing a brand, producing websites, mobile applications and even digital campaigns.

Tomorrow we will rethink global communication to move towards a more useful communication, less energy-wasting and more respectful of the environment, what we call frugal communication.

Our approach →

Diagnosis of environmental performance

  • _ Performance survey and analysis

  • _ Recommendations

  • _ Scope statement eco-conception


  • _ Eco-design of websites and applications

  • _ Reverse Engineering of sites and applications

  • _ Measurement of environmental performance's pay-off


  • _ Passage of the Green Code Label

  • _ Monitoring and supporting the teams to maintain the labeling

Awareness and training

  • _ Tailor-made support

  • _ Team building

They lead the way

Who are we ?

DIGITAL.GREEN is a consulting agency specialised in eco-design and responsible digital technology with 15 years of experience in communication and digital expertise.

We have brought together experts in digital sobriety (designers, developers, hosts, webmarketers, etc.) who allow us every day to make our mission more concrete: supporting companies in their ecological transition.

This page emits:
1.5 g of CO2